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I've been using a pioneer vsx-1120 in conjunction with a sharp aqueous 4-5 year old model) for the past 3 years. I have a 50 foot hdmi cable running up one wall, across the attic, and down the adjacent wall. I am running ceiling speakers from the receiver. The setup has been fine for years. Sources are a FireTV, a bluray player, and an appletv all connected via HDMI.

CEC functions, volume and power, worked fine up till this week. Now, I am able to pass audio and video through the receiver to the tv, but the CEC features no longer function. I have tried the basics, unplug power and HDMI from both the tv and the receiver. Factory resets of both the tv and the receiver, switched ports where I could, etc.

Bottom line is that I am writing because none of those tricks are working to resolve the issue.

Any ideas?
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