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I have a long (I think it is 40') cable that goes to my Projector to my DTV Pal HD DVR. Due to a mistake on my part I got a HDMI - DVI cable instead of a HDMI - HDMI cable. I have a DVI/HDMI adapter (current at the DTV Pal end)

This works, but the extra lever arm puts a strain on the connection (I currently put a wad of paper under the adaptor to help hold it up - but it is still slightly flakey)

I plan on getting a Blu-Ray player so then I will use my receiver to switch between my DVR and DTY Pal (so obviously I need two short HDMI-HDMI cables to go into my reciever)

But where the HDMI out is on my receiver it will harder to prop up (I suppose I could try the projector end)

Any suggested solutions?


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