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Ok, so I've seen a few topics like this, but none with an answer I'm looking for

I have a HD TV with a DVI port instead of HDMI

There is also a separate DVI audio port

I wish to connect my Xbox (HDMI port) to my TV

I bought a HDMI-DVI cable, but the sound doesn't come through

There Isn't an audio out port on my Xbox

I've seen a few, very expensive solutions, but was wondering if anyone knew if the following idea would work:

Buy a HDMI splitter, Use HDMI - DVI cable in 1 port

And a HDMI - RCA cable for the sound

will the sound work? RCA cable dont have a DVI audio plug

But will the sound work if i have the HD picture, with the normal Red,White,Yellow plug sound?

And if not, any ideas how I can get this working?

All help is very appreciated

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There is no such thing as "DVI audio"; it's a video standard only. It wasn't until HDMI was introduced that we had a digital solution that combined audio and video together in the same cable. If your TV has a "DVI audio" port, it is almost certainly just an audio input that corresponds to the DVI video input when the TV has the DVI port selected as the active input. This could be analog, in the form of red and white RCA, or stereo 3.5mm, or more exotically, it could be digital (SPDIF).

For the Xbox 360, the typical solution would be to connect the Xbox 360 to the DVI port via an HDMI to DVI cable, and then use the standard break-out on the Xbox 360 to get at the audio. That is, you have two things connected at the Xbox 360 end. To make them physically fit both at once requires buying a special item from Microsoft, or requires removing the casing from one end of Microsoft's cable.

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you just need the hdmi kit with audio dongle.... hdmi->dvi on the tv/monitor, and then rca -> rca on the tv (or rca -> 3.5mm with another cheap simple cable)

personally, i'd run VGA if your tv/monitor has it.
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