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TV: LG 60PS70

Reciever: Yamaha HTR-6250

Sometimes when I turn my equipment on with the reciever selected to the cable box input which is all connected via HDMI I get no sound or picture. If i unplug the HDMI output from the reciever to the TV, I will get sound. Or if i turn everything on but the tv I get sound, then when I turn the tv on, it seems to do something to the reciever because the red HDMI logo on the screen will begin to flash and I get no sound or video. Is this a handshake issue, or do I need an update of some sort? This is an intemittent problem and I have had the system for a few months now, and it has done this a couple time. I can use my PS3 just fine on the other HDMI input and everything works great, then I switch over and poof, no sound or video......any ideas?

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