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HDMI in/out quit! What to do?

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I have an Onkyo TX-SR705. All of a sudden the HDMI doesn't work.

Can the internal HDMI switching cut out on its own and everything else still work fine?

I did test the HDMI source and wire by running straight to display, so that is not the question.
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Does it work eventually if you leave it on? Onk 606's had failing HDMI boards. The problem usually first presented itself by HDMI handshakes taking a long time to connect (sometimes 5 minutes or more) and progressed to complete HDMI failure in many cases. The solution, I'm afraid, was to have the HDMI board replaced - a costly repair, unless you're still under warranty.

Hopefully, that's not the case with your 705. First thing I'd test is replacing the HDMI out cable.
It never connected, even after an hour or so. So I bypassed the Onkyo for HDMI and went straight to the plasma. Now I've noticed a 30 second or so delay. I guess the first step is new cables, then maybe a new box from Verizon.

Thanks everyone.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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