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HDMI into Receiver then optical to projector???

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i'm a NB - as you can see this is my first post oooooooooh Booooooy, is it possible to connect cable box via HDMI to receiver, connect dvd via HDMI to receiver, then connect receiver to projector via optical, component, or HDMI without losing any signal. Thanks in advance. I'm in the process of buying components to set up with my Panny 900.
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Optical is for audio, not for video.

The answer is yes, you can run the video through the receiver without any loss in the signal. This may not be the case for every receiver but any good quality receiver should have no problem.

On the other hand You may have some issues with HDMI HDCP as you'll see if you search the board for issues with HDMI and content protection.
Yes it is, you can do what you have outlined. In order to "not lose anything" you would need to keep your HDMI signal digital, and use HDMI to the projector.

I am not sure what you meant by optical to projector? The newer HMDI receivers can split an HDMI signal into video and audio though.

There is one issue though, many cable and sat boxes have issues working with switching, lots of issues. Look around and see comments about XX reciever with HDMI problems.

The vast majority of the problems are either something that all reciever manuf have messed up the same...or (more likely) the cable and sat boxes weren't set up to work with repeaters (this is what the HDMI spec people say)

What I have found is both the Pioneer 74TXVi and Denon 4306 work fine with DVD players, but both have issues with my DVI out Comcast cable box. The 4306 has a nice mitigating feature in that it transcodes/deinterlaces/scales everything to my rez choice over HDMI (to the DVI on my projector which doesn't work with 480i).

The 74TXVi will also transcode but not scale or deinterlace...so if this is one of the choices double check on the Panny 900's ability to hangle 480i over HDMI (it should it is part of HDMI spec).

Maybe this is too much info but I hope it helps. Bottom line though...don't be too suprised if everything works great except switching the HDMI from the cable box, many people have some sort of issue. Again not the worst thing in the world if your reciever can transcode.
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Thanks for the input (ha ha) guys.

I should have given more info on my needs.

My plans are to use this receiver for DVD, XBox, and cable Box.

Am I looking at too much in using the HDMI.

I thought maybe just use components and digital audio for all three to the receiver. Then run one cable to my projector.

Does this make sense? Or should I rethink this whole thing on set-up.

I do want THX and will be using this set up mainly for Sports, Movies, and a little music.


ps. how do i change my name in the side bar??
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