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Hi everyone -- long time listener, first time caller (reader/writer...you get it)

Here's the situation. I'm redoing the house, and inside a fairly spacious storage closet (7'x8') I'm going to put a rack with all of my gear. No need to get into specifics yet, but know it's all HD...tivo box, cable boxes, bluray, gaming, etc. Within 75 feet of this area (most within 50 feet), will be a total of four Panasonic plasma displays. Each display will have a universal remote (ie Logitech 890), most likely RF, that will reside in the same room as the display.

I'd LIKE to use a 4x4 HDMI matrix switcher with CAT 6 runs...but am completely convinced now from the posts (and lack of posts) that this is a nightmare. I've got a dear friend who is an engineer in broadcast TV that suggested I do this:

Split the HDMI from the source (bluray, cable boxes) four ways...and send individual HDMI cables to each montior...switching the monitor inputs to get each different source.

As far as controlling the devices, I'd put the RF reciever on the back of the monitor, and extend the infra-red cords all the way to the video source.

So -- this way involves A LOT OF CABLES -- but assuming the split is good...sounds like an interesting way to get around the matrix switcher issues.

Any thoughts? Any suggestions?
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