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Just got my first 1080p tv (Sony KDS-60A3000), and it's time to get a new AV receiver with HDMI. My simple system includes:

DirectTV HR-21 HD-DVR -- connect via HDMI

PS3 or Panny BD-30 (still deciding which one) -- connect via HDMI

Panny ES15 SD DVD Recorder -- connect via Component + Toslink

Dish 508 SD-DVR -- connect via S-video + Toslink

AV Receiver "features" I want:

1) 5.1/6.1 support (7.1 is not a necessity as long as 7.1 HD audio like DD+, etc. can be down-mixed to 5.1 or 6.1)

2) HDMI Switching (is 1.3 compatability important?)

3) 1080p upconverting would be nice (I would prefer a receiver that upconverts to 1080p with a "pass-thru/no-processing" option, but since the tv upconverts, it's not a necessity)

4) Most of the newer audio processing (DD+, DTS-HD, etc.) -- my current receiver just does DD & DTS

5) Input Trimming (I think that's what it's called) -- I want to able to keep the different volume levels of the different inputs at similar levels.

6) Lip Sync Adjustment? (I'm not sure about this, or if this is a major problem with HDMI.)

I can't afford "high-end" so I have trimmed my list down to two price categories between three manufacturers:

(Higher priced) Yamaha RX-V1800, Onkyo TX-SR805, Denon AVR-2808


(Lower priced) Yamaha RX-V861, Onkyo TX-SR705, Denon AVR-2308

My current receiver is a Yamaha, and I would lean towards Yamaha again. I have heard good things about the other models, and was really impressed with Onkyo until I started reading about lip sync problems.

Please help me with this confusing decision.

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I can't help with an answer, but I am in about the same boat. I just bought a new Dell XPS 420 and plan to use its media center functions as my DVR. I'm also seriously looking at the 60A3000, and since my current receiver does not offer HDMI (and has a few other problems), I'm thinking about a new one.

While it's not on your list (and probably falls a bit outside your price range), I'm considering the Onkyo 875. While it sounds like there are some problems with it (heat, etc.), it also sounds like it has a much better chip for video processing (compared to, for example, the 805).

The point of this is to request that others who know far more about this and respond your post also include thoughts on the 875.
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