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HDMI not working after changing TV inputs or turning off

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I just built a new HTPC with an Asus M3A78-EM mobo, 780G with the integrated gpu (ATI Radeon 3200HD) connected via HDMI to my LCD tv.

It looks great on the tv, the picture is fine, but if I turn the TV off or switch inputs, I lose the signal from my HTPC and I will have to restart the pc or unplug-plug the HDMI cable back in to get the picture back.

I'm using Windows 7, and was unable to install any drivers that were provided with the mobo.

Anyone else have this problem or have a solution?
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Yeah this is a common problem with virtually all PC HDMI outputs. There are some solutions out there but the quickest may be to put your computer to sleep and wake it up. This might be easier than disconnecting the hdmi cable.
any hints on what a solution might be? this really isn't an acceptable option for me, if I can help it.
huh... i got the same problem with using my laptop. i just figured it was cause it was a laptop.

so... there are fixes?
I suppose you could make a quick windows script that will disable and re-enable your video card and map it to a button. This would serve as a display detection function. This functionality is sorely missing from Nvidia or ATI's drivers.

I've just downloaded devcon.exe now. I'm going to see if it works for Windows 7 and will let you know how to get it working if I can get mine working.
Some people have had success with Gefen's HDMI or DVI detective. It keeps the EDID present even if the display is turned off, effectively fooling the PC that display is still on.

If you go that route, make sure the version you get is HDCP capable.

FWIW, my nVidia 9600GT with the latest drivers detect when the display is turned on and automatically renegotiates the HDCP handshake.
well after upgrading my tv's firmware and installing the latest ATI drivers for windows 7, it looks like this is no longer a problem.
Please try disable the ATI event viewer and see. It fixed a lot of people having similar problems.
I'm having the same problem. Disabling the ATI Event Viewer doesn't help. I'm using an ATI 2600XT Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit -HDMI- Pioneer Elite SC05 -HDMI- Pioneer PDP-5080. I don't lose audio if I turn the tv off or switch to another input and back but I do lose video. Every once in a while I get it to re-sync the video after mashing keys on the keyboard (not repeatable, tried every combination I could think of). Now today I installed the latest drivers as I was running the previous version. No change there but it had playback issues so I too all ATI drivers off and rebooted. Now I could switch inputs on my receiver and go back and I got video back. Unfortunately you get no HDMI audio ouput like this so I went back to the previous ATI drivers and I'm back where I started the day. F#$^%(&**(&(!
Gush!, these EDID issues are really a plague. Just posted on another similar thread , so you may want to take a look.

I should add that procedure didn't work for my ATI 3850 on any Cat version that I tried.
If your TV has a VGA port and it supports the native resolution of the panel over VGA (check the TV manual), you might find that using VGA will solve the problem. If not other than the workarounds that sometimes work for some folks,some of the time, DVI Detective is the answer.

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