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Hey guys,
This is my first time posting hopefully you guys can help.
I'm having issues with the HDMI out on my Denon AV receiver.
I'll make it as simple as possible.
If I connect my computer straight into the television I get video and audio.
If I connect my DVD straight into the television I get audio and video.
If I connect my dvd player into the receiver and my HDMI out to the television i get audio and video.
BUT when I connect my computer to the exact HDMI socket that my DVD was pluged in I get no audio JUST video.
I know I haven't provided details on my model or setup but I'm hoping it doesn't go that far.
I have a feeling its something to do with the signal my computer is outputting through HDMI. A modulation/PCM issue?
I really don't know.
Hope you guys can help.
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