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I would like to know how the HDMI picture quality can vary.

A few years ago I wanted an additional DVR so I ordered and additional DVR from DTV. Their policy was that you could not specify the model DVR, they would give you what they had, but it was free. They sent an HR-20 and the picture was blurry. I returned it and they sent another HR-20, also blurry. I ended up paying for an HR-24 and the picture was good. But, they all had the same digital signal and digital HDMI output, so how could they be different?

I recently purchased a new OTA DVR and the picture on it is not as good as the DTV or the TV set built in tuner. The video is pretty good but does not compare to the TV set OTA tuner, which is from an older TV (Sony KDL-60EX700). The degraded quality is slight, but it affects everything the DVR outputs (like menus), not just TV. How can this be?

I am tying to determine if I get a replacement OTA DVR will it be just as bad?
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