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Hi all,

I have a relatively older reciever, a HK AVR 2650 that has some options to control the TV power. My TV is very old, a Sony of some type... 1080p at the least, but it's probably close to 7 years old.

That said, I have been getting pretty frustrated with the way the power works and while the Harmony remote I have kinda does the trick, I know that there is HDMI control for my TV and Reciever.

I configured it so that the 'auto-on' and 'auto-off' with HDMI is configured, but the TV never turns off with the receiver. However, if I turn off the TV -- the receiver turns off. If I turn on the TV, the receiver stays off. So it's a little frustrating.

Any reason this might be happening? Is it the cable possibly? Could it be something else? Appreciate any thoughts.

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