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hdmi problem..frustrated.

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Hi all. It seems as though the newer systems (low end) have so many oddball dsp selections etc which cause confusion even to those who know audio/video. I cannot figure this one out. Hdmi from a samsung dlp 46 to sammy hd 860 connection yields decodeing of prologic (coax run from sammy to yamaha receiver) It won't play any dvd's in dolby (only prologic) I can't turn off/override hdmi audio (can't find any setting for this) Any thoughts on this problem. It decodes fine through the cable box. Do I run a optical from the TV to sammy to negate the hdmi audio possibly? Thanks much!
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You'll need to run audio separately from optical out on cable box. Some low-end receivers offer HDMI passthrough but the receiver won't process the audio from the HDMI. That's the price you pay for saving money on the receiver. Lame. Mine is the same way. Running DVI-to-HDMI from cable box to receiver, along with optical from cable box to receiver. Then HDMI to TV.
Mike, I currently run hdmi from the TV to the dvd player then coax from dvd to receiver. (cable box works fine fyi)...I am confused on your answer
Thanks much!
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