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I have recently bought a 43h4500 samsung plasma tv and everything was okay; fluidity, colors, motion, uniformity but after 150 hours approximately with celllight always at 12 or less and contrast between 84 and 95 , a motion blurring problem and some Dirty screen effect appeared.
I sent the TV to my local samsung tv technical service and they told me that there isn't any problem with my tv.
i get the tv returned, and i was always annoyed by the picture under HMDI satellite reciever use ( 50 hz), Clear picture and the great motion fluidity and depth sensation too that i got in the begining was lost.

So i tryed to resolve the problem by myself using the service menu of course :( .
in First time i tried "APC speed" from the default "low" value to "fast" and the picture was fine like the first day but unfortunately, this setting is not kept after power off.

After this, i have accidently running "HDMI calibration" and the picture colors become faulty, dark colors become too dark and light one's too lighter, so i got unatural contrast.
I have tried an HDMI calibration with black/white pattern and i got "success" but picture colors and contrast was always slighlty faulty.
I have tried " EDID WRITE ALL and EDID Write HDMI" and now i have a blurry and ghosted picture even with my 50hz receiver (the picture is also like pixalated) or my pc 60hz signal with my too HMDI ports, i have verified "ER count" and i have found "HDMI Stable Cnt" at 1.
This "HDMI Stable Cnt" is always at 1 now, even without any HDMI cable plugged!

I'm afraid that i've done an inrriversible problem to my HDMI ports or anything else related to HMDI it in my tv ! have you an idea how to repair it ?


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Here are my ADC/WB settings for HDMI2/DVI on my PS43F4900AKXXU if it helps, don't know if it will.

1st_Y_GH 0
1st_Y_GL 0
1st_Cb_BH 0
1st_Cb_BL 0
1st_Cb_RH 0
1st_Cb_RL 0
2nd_R_L 196
2nd_G_L 196
2nd_B_L 196
2nd_R_H 16
2nd_G_H 16
2nd_B_H 16
R-Offset 128
G-Offset 128
B-Offset 124
R-Gain 158
G-Gain 128
B-Gain 122
WB_W2_R_Offset 146
WB_W2_B_Offset 81
WB_W2_R_Gain 182
WB_W2_B_Gain 80
WB_N_R_Offset 131
WB_N_B_Offset 112
WB_N_R_Gain 165
WB_N_B_Gain 111

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Holy crap man-- I'd have just recommended checking to see if DCV or MPEG Noise Filters had gotten turned on accidentally. Both will blur the screen in motion in different ways.:eek:

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I'm curious. What's the difference between low and fast?

For me, changing APC speed to "fast" resolved motion fluidity and blurring problem and the performance was like the first day, so i think with a normal HDMI picture (without motion or bluring problem) you will not notice any change.

Holy crap man-- I'd have just recommended checking to see if DCV or MPEG Noise Filters had gotten turned on accidentally. Both will blur the screen in motion in different ways.:eek:
I don't know what "holy crap man" mean, anyway, if DCV mean digital clean filter i confirm that if they are turned on, motion and blurring are badly affected so i let them off all the time, the motion problem appeared without touching any setting.

@ 22point8, thank you very much for the setting, i hope that did not bother you since all custom settings will be lost.

Can i ask you if you have checked your panal version, mine is 43HHHc and the only other option for the 43" is HVHc ( for 51 HHHc HVHc and HFHc for the Full HD i think), i'm asking this question because refered to thoses values, panels are unique for each size/model tv, so in this case i will get the same panel if i found an 43f4500 model and the same performance (black levels, color, brightness,...etc) ?

I have also checked thoses value on my samsung 42f5000 led tv and i think 196 -- 11 values are for PC - HDMI ( when the tv is pluged to a pc), for HDMI the values i found was 134 for L - and 49 for H, i have got practically the same value with HDMI calibration using Black/White ansi pattern i found in our forum.

One thing i remarked is that the HDMI calbe used during calibration with my satellite receiver is now faulty, when i tried this cable with Samsung monitor and my PC, text were fuzzy and some artifacts appeared each times in videos, so, perhaps it's this HDMI calbe who caused this error in my TV and calibration problem.

The "HDMI stable cnt" is always at 1 and the most annoyed problem is incorrect black level, if i set black level to "low" i got relatively cruched blacks (and or dark colors are too dark too) and burned whites but when i set black level to "normal", blacks colors are slighly grey and are never true blacks even with gamma at -3.

So now, the picture is never natural as it was; expect when i enter the service menu again, the colors and contrast are exagerated due to the applied dynamic mode but the blacks level become nomal (and white too).

If i can give an advice never try to change values in service menu, like me, many person are attracted by changing values in hope te get a magical effect (or to resolve a problem) but without the needed knowledge of the service menu settings, your TV can be severlly affected and you can't ask samsung technician to help you in this case.
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