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I was equipping two home theaters with identical equipment about two years ago. I bought two AOpen MP945-VXR ViiV Ready Mini PC from PCAlchemy and hooked them up to Denon receivers and Panasonic HDMI projectors using the HDMI input directly from the Aopen PC to the Projector, all worked well except the HDMI input was not dedicated so switching was erratic. Then I bought two Denon 2808CI with HDMI switching and replace the older Denon units so the Denon could handle all the switching at the HDMI interface.

The HDMI has become unstable when the PC input is choosen. When there is no computer, attached, the HDMI equipped DVD player is fine, everything looks great. When the PC is connected, it defaults to a 800 x 600 screen size, cannot be configured, and the picture is unstable. What can I do about it?
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