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Hello All,

I am having some trouble with the HDMI connections on my Pioneer VSX-70. There seems to be some sort off issues with the HDMI switching on certain components. Frequently, the receiver will switch to the component successfully, then the picture will "flutter" on and off with the audio and picture displaying for a couple of seconds. After 4-5 seconds the screen will go black and the TV will indicate that there is no HDMI signal going to the tv input. They blue HDMI indicator light on the front of the reciever will blink several times, and it will fail to "switch" successfully. Sometimes it works fine...? I am completely baffled and was hoping someone could help me out!

Setup is as follows

Samsung TV UN50H6350

Pioneer VSX-70

Samsung SMT

(not in front right now) new set top box from TWC connected via HDMI TO BD input

Sony Blu Ray---connected via HDMI to BL/BDR

All of the HDMI cables are new, high quality cables.

Obviously HDMI cable hooked to HDMI out and connected to television input HDMI4

Note: I can fix this issue by connecting source (cable box) directly to TV and using optical cable for audio, but I would prefer to fix the problem rather than work around it.

Thank You!
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