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I have a new Samsung 4695 LCD and an Oppo 981 DVD player setup and ready to go. I want to add a new receiver to my HT setup (2 Klipsch KLF-20s, a Klipsch C-7 Center, and a Definitive Tech Sub; no rears at the moment) as my current one is a Sony that is close to 9 years old. The system will be used for 50% HD cable/ 30% DVDs / 20% music.

I looked at the Onkyo 604 and am interested in researching similarly priced (within $100-200 dollars on either side) receivers, given the potential problems apparently experienced by some TX-SR604 owners (unit runs hot, bass mgmt issues, HDMI switching issues).

I need a receiver with (minimum) 2 HDMI inputs, that will process audio received from an Oppo 981 (via HDMI connection) and send it to my surround sound speaker array.

I have -no- need for -video- upconversion or scaling of any kind through the receiver as I will be relying on the Oppo and my Samsung 4695 panel's internal scalers for all de-interlacing and scaling (Unless people have had bad experiences with this combo? Opinions?)

While I will be connecting the Oppo directly to the Sammy for audio via HDMI, I want to connect the Oppo to the receiver (also via HDMI) to process all the nice audio formats through my surround sound speakers.

So I need a receiver with HDMI inputs that will do a sophisticated job of processing all the audio format from the Oppo and getting it out to the speaker array.

FYI--I have Comcast HD Cable currently setup over component but I will likely switch this to HDMI as well.
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