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I have my PC connected to my tv with an hdmi cable. The sound has been working fine until recently. If I turn of my tv for longer than a short amount of time then the sound will not work when I turn it back on. It says the "speakers or headphones are unplugged" which doesn't make sense because if the cable was unplugged then I wouldn't be seeing anything on the screen.

Before, I'd figured out that all I needed to do was switch the tv input over to antennae/cable and let sound come through the speakers, then switch it back.

Sometimes I needed to turn off the tv and disconnect/reconnect the cable.

The last few days, neither has been working and I've had to restart my computer.

Does anyone here know why it's behaving this way?

I'm running Windows 7 and using an ATI sound card.

Update: Fixed it. I updated my driver (duh). I wasn't thinking that was the problem because I'd updated a few times in the past couple months and was still having the problem.
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