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Hey Folks,

i recently purchased an LN46A750 HDTV and plan on hooking it up to my PC via hdmi. I have a 4870x2, which has 2 dvi ports (as well as a D-Sub). My current setup: i have 1 dvi port connecting my 20" monitor via DVI and the other, i used an HDMI/DVI adaptor to hookup my 24" HDMI monitor via HDMI.

The problem arises when i want to hook up my TV to my graphics card. I want to be able to have the option to run my PC on my HDTV without the need of unplugging anyone of my dual monitors.

Experiment A

If i decided to get a 1x2 HDMI splitter, im thinking about hooking it up to that HDMI/DVI adapter then have the 2 ends connecting 1 to my 24" and other to my A750 via HDMI, leaving my 20" monitor (DVI) connection alone. I rather have a 1x2 HDMi splitter instead of a 1hdm/1dvi out and 1 hdmi in splitter. But then these question arise:

Should i get a splitter that has its own power source?

Will my PC recognize the TV as a 3rd display module?

How will the video and sound quality stand if lets say i wanted to watch HD movies off my TV (which is in the living room, im running 25ft blue jeans hdmi cable).

Experiment B

If i decided to get an HDMI 1x2 switcher (probably through monoprice), hooking it up the same way as experiment A, i have the option to turn the TV connection on or off, which would be great. If i turned the port connecting to the TV off, will my computer then remove it from its display options? only reason im asking is because i dont want to always have to go to my Display options and set monitors physical arrangement.

Though i was a little confused on how switchers work, would someone clarify this for me?

Does it give me the option to "switch" both ports ON at the same time? or moreso, ONLY one or the other. If its the case of switching only 1 port at a time, i think the splitter would be my best bet. though, i'll lose the option of turning either/or, on/off whenever i please.

What do you guys think?

Thanks for your insight.
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