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Below is a description of my current set-up:

All equipment is located within a single TV stand, so cable runs are all 6 feet or less.

-Samsung 1080P DLP HDTV


-Pioneer VSX-1019AH-K A/V Receiver

-TWC Explorer HDDVR

--Video output from PS3/DVR to TV via HDMI

--PS3 Audio to TV via HDMI (2-channel)

--DVR Audio to TV via HDMI (2-channel) and to Receiver via Optical (5.1-channel), not simultaneously.

Sometimes I like to listen to DVR audio from Receiver while playing games on PS3, so that I can listen to sports broadcasts while playing PS3 games. So the PS3 is outputting video and audio (2-channel) to TV via HDMI, while the DVR is outputting audio to Receiver. The issue with this setup is that I have to unplug the PS3 HDMI cable from the TV HDMI input and plug it into the Receiver HDMI input when I want to watch blurays with 5.1 truehd or dts-hd. The Receiver is inside a TV cabinet, which makes it pain to pull out and access the HDMI inputs on the back.

I am considering three options to resolve this unplg/replug issue:

1) Using powered HDMI switcher (2 inputs, 1 output) from Monoprice. However, I would flip the switcher so that am inputting the PS3 HDMI to the single switcher output, and then use the two switcher inputs for outputting the PS3 HDMI to both my TV HDMI input and Receiver HDMI input. I would never want to use both the TV and Receiver HDMI inputs simultaneously: either one or the other.

- Potential Issues: handshakes, does switcher work in reverse (using output as inputs and inputs as outputs)?

2) Using a simple HDMI splitter cable (1 male connector at one end and 2 female connectors at the other) from Monoprice. The male connector would plug into the PS3, and I would run HDMI cables from the TV HDMI input and Receiver HDMI input and input each cable to the female connectors of the splitter cable. Again, however, I do not want to use the Receiver or TV simultaneously, simply one or the other.

- Potential Issues: signal quality loss, handshakes?

3) Using a simple HDMI coupler adapter (2 female connectors) from Monoprice. The male connector of the PS3 HDMI cable would plug into one female connector of the coupler. I would then plug either the TV HDMI input cable or Receiver HDMI input cable into the other female connector of the coupler, depending on which device I would like to use.

- Potential Issues: does not resolve unplug/replug problem (only makes it less inconvenient), signal quality loss?

I would appreciate any input from the very knowledgeable and creative AVS members. I apologize for the lengthy post, but I wanted to be as detailed as possible. Let me know if you need any clarification of my setup, intentions, or proposed solutions. Thanks for the help.

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Most HDMI switches do not operate in reverse. They are designed for multiple sources to one destination. This is the only exception I'm aware of.

You can use a splitter to go from one source to multiple outputs. There is a possibility of handshake problems with that but it might be worth a try. A powered splitter would likely be better than a simple passive one.

Edit: You don't have to worry about subtle signal quality loss, as such, with HDMI. It generally either works perfectly or very badly.
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