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I have a monoprice matrix switch and it actually works perfectly fine.

The only problem is my tv remains active even when off. And my tv is 2 channel sound, while my other projector/avr and my home theater is 5.1 so when the tv is off, or when im using it as a computer monitor and its on the vga input, in the background the hdmi input is still communicating with it. So if I were to watch tv it would send 2 channel sound. Then lets say I switch the tv off, or switch to its vga input. My son comes down to watch tv on the home theater. He cannot get 5.1 audio only 2 channel because in the background yet my tv hdmi output is still active telling the switch it can only accept 2 channel.

The short term solution is to turn on another component so the tv is out of the way. So I would have to turn the ps3 on, switch output B to that so its out of the way and my tv can send the proper 5.1 channels.

Im basically looking for any possible solutions as to how I can get my tv's hdmi to not always be active, can I put some sort of switch in between it, do I have to upgrade to a 5.1 sound system for my tv (even though I do not need it because the tv is in my home theater) I am really stuck here, and its the only problem left to fix in my home theater, which has been under construction for 3 years.

Any suggestions please help me.
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