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Hi all,

I am in the search for a good and reliable hdmi switcher to pass 1080p (incl. 1080p/24).

Sources are:

Sony PS3 for blue ray (older 80gb model)

DVB tuner with hdmi out

Future Oppo 93 BD player

Hdmi out from laptop

Was thinking to go for a 4x1 or 5x1 but if a certain model is more..."reliable" than others I could go for a 3x1 also.

The HDMI out cable is a 12 m long Wireworld Ultraviolet 6. This has a built in passive equalizer at the end. Display is a ceiling mounted DLP 1080p PJ.

I've read a lot of good comments about the Octava 3x1, 5x1 and Atlona 4x1 switchers. Initially I was also thinking of the GefenTV 4x1 hdmi switcher but read some issues with handshaking with older PS3s.

I noticed that on their website Atlona notes the type of the chipset (i.e Sony chipset for the 4x1 and Silicon Image for the 3x1). Octava does not say but heard very good comments about their quality.

The Octava switch is this:

The Atlona is:

4x1---- http://www.atlona.com/4x1-Atlona-HDM...D-Support.html

3x1---- http://www.atlona.com/3x1-Atlona-HDM...-HDMI-1.3.html

The Gefen is:

From those switchers what would you suggest? Any experiences?

It appears that all the above, apply some sort of equalization to the input signals but they do not necessarily amplify the signal for long cable runs (but I dont think I will need additional conditioning in the outgoing signal since my cable has the equalizer).

Many thanks in advance, and happy holidays

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Amplification of the signals at the transmit end (above the normal signal levels) is not needed, however most switchers run the signal through a receiver-transmitter circuit that does regenerate the signal to spec levels.

I have no direct experience with the switchers you mention so can't advise you there but those are all good brands.
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