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Hello all,

My home theater setup includes a PS3, Wii, Sanyo PLV-Z3, and Panasonic AE4000U; an Onkyo TX SR805 receiver is the hub.

I've got two projectors because we had the Z3 first and, when I upgraded to the AE4000U, I decided I wanted to keep the Z3 in action for my kids to play games to reduce the wear on the AE4000U bulb.

I thought that a good solution would be to get an HDMI splitter to take the signal from the single HDMI out on the PLV-Z3 to go to both the Z3 and the AE4000U and then just use my Harmony remote to turn on whichever projector was appropriate, etc.

So, I got one of the cheap splitters (probable from Amazon) that has two HDMI-out ports on one side (along with power input for the switcher) and a single HDMI-in port on an adjacent side.

Basically, it works, except that if I have both of the projectors on, the Panasonic won't recognize the HDMI signal and just keeps flashing, looking for a signal. I have to physically switch the Sanyo projector off using the rocker switch. As soon as I do, the Panasonic recognizes the signal.

Any suggestions? By the way, I'm reluctant to invest in an expensive switcher because I'm thinking I might upgrade to a new receiver that has two HDMI outs built in.


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