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Originally Posted by Paul V /forum/post/17085771

Recently purchased a projector that will handle HDMI. Problem you are all familiar with is my AV receiver has no HDMI capability.

While trying to figure out what HDMI switch to buy I went to FRY's electronics looking for a cheap temp solution. However, all they had was switchers for $100-200 so I decided to pass.

On my way out of the store I ran across a shopping cart full of PS-3 HDMI/fan modules on sale at $12.95 each. You read this correctly, that is twelve dollars and ninety-five cents.The carton claimed the switch would handle full 1080P. When I asked the (as usual) uninformed sales person he said the unit only works with a PS3 console. But, I noticed that the unit has it's own power supply and even a remote control. Knowing I could return it if it didn't work, I bought one.

I can now report tht the PS3 HDMI module absolutely DOES work in the stand alone mode and DOES pass 1080P. it does not appear to be autosensing, but for $12.95 plus sales tax it is a bargain.


It looks rather clunky, but then it will be butried in the cabinet shelf, so who cares how it looks. If you are looking for an HDMI switch for not much cash, this is a good solution

Does this strip out the audio from HDMI inputs and allow you to output the audio via it's optical output?

I found some decent close up pics on it and it looks like it could work but I really need something that does this on the cheap.

I went ahead and ordered for for $15 for local pickup anyway just to make sure I could get my hands on one while they were still in stock and can always just return it if it doesn't work out for me but would like to know ahead of time if it'll work or not.

EDIT: Well I got it and it does NOT strip out the audio from the HDMI, it's just a HDMI AND optical switcher.

Which is fine for the money but this one seems defective, theres a lot of noise on the screen when using it that isn't there without it.

I'm going to exchange it tomorrow and see if that clears it up.

FWIW it was only $10 now at my local Frys even though the box said it was $15.
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