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Hi there,

Got one problem and want to see if I could get some suggestions from the gurus here.

Here are the equipments I have: Sony S360 Blu-ray player, Sony Grand Wega TV (5 yrs old with DVI connection), and Onkyo HT-S9100 HTIB.

Direct connection from HDMI to DVI (S360 Blu-ray to TV) -> no problem there.

S360 Blu-ray (HDMI) to Onkyo receiver (HDMI) to TV (DVI) -> audio ok, but no picture.

The Onkyo receiver has on-screen menu control which can be displayed on TV. This works ok. I can see all the Onkyo receiver menus on TV thru HDMI to DVI connection. However, there is no image coming from the Blu-ray player when there is this Onkyo receiver sits in between.

How likely that the Onkyo receiver has a bad HDMI output port? If this output is bad, I shouldn't be able to see any on-screen menu. The HDMI to DVI cable should be ok, cuz it works fine when I connect S360 to the TV directly without Onkyo receiver in between.

Ahhhh....so confused.
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