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Im diving deeper into the HTPC world and after weeks of reading (yes, weeks) I think ive made somewhat of a decision...(yes, im still unsure)

My 1080p tv display will be connected to the HTPC via HDMI and my yamaha receiver will be connected via optical cable.

Ive decided on the Asus M3N78-VM which seems to fit the bill, but almost all the threads on this motherboard seem to recommend the M3N78-EMH. Am i missing something obvious?I realize that the EMH doesnt have an optical out, which is why i decided on the VM.

I would really like smooth playback of 1080p video. (blu ray, hd dvd etc)

I want clear text when browsing online

I want smooth, clear playback of mpg, avi, mov, and other other media files.

Will I achieve that with this Asus board paired with a Athlon 64 X2 5000? From what i understand, with a socked AM2 I am limited to DDR2 800. With an AM2+ I can have DDR21066. Im assuming this is RAM speed? How will this affect me?


Thanks for any input... unpopular threads seem to hit the third page within a blink of an eye. =)
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