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Hi,  I just bought the RX-V575 and I'm trying to set up HDMI control with my Sony Blu-Ray and Directv cable box, by routing the HDMI outputs from my devices into the back of the receiver, and connecting the HDMI out from the receiver to my TV's HDMI1 (ARC) input.  The audio is fine.  And when I power on my blu-ray, my receiver detects it and goes into the right mode, I hear the blu-ray audio...my TV automatically switches to HDMI1 in.  Everything seems ok but my TV has no video, just says "No signal.  Ensure that the external device is turned on....."    Switching to cable mode does the same thing...always no video.  If I bypass the receiver my video is fine, so the HDMI cables are good.  Any ideas on the video?  I've tried powering everything off, powering on just the receiver, then devices, then TV...but still no video.




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