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HDNet HD Test Patterns...?

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Maybe I am having a momentary lapse in my memory, but I think I recall HDNet playing test patterns, possibly on Sunday mornings? I can't seem to find anything on their site.

Does anyone know if they stopped doing this?
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Tuesday, October 26, 2004


8:00 AM ET / 5:00 AM PT

HDNet Test Patterns

Wonder how your home theatre is doing? Wish you had test patterns to help set it up? Well, HDNet is here to help. This short program will help you get the most out of your home theatre setup by providing you with the same professional test patterns HDNet uses to set their gear.

Same time, same station, every Tuesday.
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Awesome. Thanks. A search on hd.net for test and/or patterns yields nothing. Strange.
Looks like they have a geometry problem. Maybe intended to make the benefactor look slim?
Anybody know if any other channels do something similar? I don't get hdnet
Originally posted by Jim Noyd
Looks like they have a geometry problem. Maybe intended to make the benefactor look slim?
Yep... that was the topic of the thread I linked to. I used the circle in the test pattern to correct the projected aspect ratio.
Since 5:00 AM (PT) is a bit early for me I wish they would sell a DVHS tape of the test pattern. I saw some test DVHS tapes for sale but they were a little pricy at $80. For something this easy I would expect $19.95 to be more like it.

I can record OTA but not satellite so I cannot record HDNet. Damm Dish Network.

Rick R
Damn Dish Network, indeed... :)

I recorded the HDNet test patterns, and it's still on my HD-TiVo from a couple months ago...

Aaahhhh... Life with TiVo is so good... ;)
Originally posted by Clarence
this one?

Nope, that one's too big. It won't fit on my screen. :D
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