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posted by tvbarn on January 20, 2004 11:00 PM


Weekly Original Series Premieres Jan. 21, 9:00 p.m. ET

DALLAS ˆ Jan. 20, 2004 ˆ HDNet announces the premiere of "Hollywood HD," an

HDNet original series that is the first Hollywood news and information show

produced exclusively in high-definition. This close-up, high-def look at

the glamorous world of movies and television premieres Jan. 21 at 9:00 p.m.

ET, with a new program premiering every Wednesday.

Hosted by Wendy Walsh, with David Doerre in the field, "Hollywood HD"

features timely entertainment news, including movie premieres, award

ceremonies, celebrity interviews and candid profiles. Red-carpet coverage

from award shows and special entertainment events will give high-definition

viewers the feeling of being there next to their favorite stars.

The Jan. 21 premiere, presented from the Hollywood Museum, features an

Academy Awards preview and coverage of the Screen Actor's Guild (SAG)

nominations, as well as interviews with Jennifer Aniston, Keanu Reeves and

Jada Pinkett Smith on their latest projects. Next week's program features

coverage of the Producers Guild Awards, and interviews with Clint Eastwood,

Michael Caine and Warren Beatty.

"Hollywood HD is the latest in a growing list of original, exclusive

programs produced by and for HDNet," said Mark Cuban, co-founder and

president of HDNet. "With this new show, we are taking the long-form HD

news format of the HDNet World Report and applying that powerful formula to

news coverage of Hollywood people and events."

Wendy Walsh's on-camera credits include hosting stints on Court TV, CNBC,


Learning Channel, nationally syndicated magazine show EXTRA, and NBC's

Weekend Today Show. David Doerre has applied his unique blend of

traditional hosting skills with an edgy sense of humor to interviews with

hundreds of celebrities, politicians and rock stars including Sting, Arnold

Schwarzenegger, Jesse Jackson, Tom Hanks and Tom Cruise.

Hollywood HD is produced exclusively for HDNet by Entertainment News

Service, a division of Popular Arts Entertainment (Burbank/NY). Kevin

Meagher and Tim Braine are Executive Producers.

About HDNet

HDNet, ( www.hd.net ), the leader in high definition broadcasting, produces

and televises more hours of original HDTV sports, entertainment and news

programming each week than any other network. Original HDNet series include

the groundbreaking HDNet World Report, Across America, True Music, HDNet

Concert Series, Bikini Destinations, Get Out, and Higher Definition -

Celebrity Interviews. Licensed programming includes series from Paramount,

Warner Brothers and Sony. HDNet Movies broadcasts 24/7 full-length feature

films from Warner Bros, New Line, Paramount, MGM, Buena Vista, Lions Gate,

Artisan and Sony Pictures Television. HDNet Movies also features movies

produced and finished in true 1080i high-definition. Live HDNet sports

productions include National Hockey League games, Major League Soccer games,

The HDNet Horse Racing Challenge, CART auto racing, Boxing Explosion, and

college football and basketball games. Co-founded by Mark Cuban, owner of

the Dallas Mavericks, and General Manager Philip Garvin, the HDNet networks

are available on Adelphia Communications, Charter Communications, DIRECTV,

DISH Network, Insight Communications, Time Warner Cable and several NCTC

cable affiliate companies.

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Originally posted by bhambrad
Awesome! Alyssa Milano please!

I saw Jessica Alba on Higher Definition recently, so I should be good for like a year
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