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HDNet to broadcast MLB in 2002

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Sorry if this is already posted, but I just saw this at the bottom of www.hd.net :

"MLB in HD

HDNet will present 80 Major League Baseball games during the 2002 season. "

Sounds great! They also have the new hockey schedule for November and December.
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Seeing as there are no Chicago Blackhawks games at all I can only summize that the SCUMBAG owner Wirtz won't allow it unless he has a way to screw the fans out of their money to watch it! The cheap B**tard won't put out any money for any quality players but still charges the fans as much as he can for all things Blackhawk related!! This city has been plaqued by this parasite for TO LONG and unfortunately we have to suffer with one garbage team after another becasue of this lowlife!!


I lived in Waukegan for 6 years (1981-1987) and had the extreme pleasure of seeing more than a few Blackhawk games at the old Chicago Stadium. I've seen a few exciting sporting events in my 47 years but I've yet to see anything that matched the excitement of watching the Hawks at the Stadium. I can scarcely believe that the great city of Chicago and a once proud franchise like the Hawks is still plagued by the likes of Wirtz. It is indeed a modern day tragedy...
Well I'm not going to defend Wirtz, he really is a dirtbag. But it could just be a coincidence that there are no Blackhawks games scheduled; consider also that no games from Montreal, Buffalo, Boston, NY Islanders, Philadelphia, NY Rangers, New Jersey, Tampa Bay, Washington, Atlanta, Florida, Columbus, and San Jose will be on HDNet either.

I sure hope that HDNet covers a game from the United Center this year, as I would like to see a production truck.
You know for sure Wirtz won't allow it at the United Center unless HDNet pay a few million up front! If Wirtz can't make a buck off the fan he doesn't want to offer the Hawks for public viewing!

Remember Wirtz's usual " To be fair to the season ticket holders I won't allow Home games on TV" quote? Well in the mid 80's good old greedy Wirtz thought he could squeeze the fans for a bunch more money by doing pay-per-view for each Hawks home games. Well he was charging $24.95 or more for each game and fans told him to go to hell by totally ignoring his greedy endeaver and it went under in about a month! What happened to his being fair to season ticket holders? He doesn't care about them! He would screw the season ticket holder over in a second if he could make a dollar more for himself!

To those who aren't familiar with the Chicago problem with Wirtz, we have not seen a Home Blackhawks game (not even sold out ones) here since Wirtz got his slimmy paws on the team (which is over 30 years now)! Except for I think two home games which one was Dennis Savard's last game and another one that is it for 30+ years! And people wonder why the fan base for the Hawks has gone into the dumper! If people can't follow their team (Home & Away) they will NOT stay imterested in them!
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Dallas Mavericks Cheerleading tryouts tomorrow night!!! YAHOO!!!
That is great news. Seems like only a few months ago we were wondering if we would even see any HD Baseball this year, and now we have 80 to look forward to next year.

Perhaps one day there will be a big NFL-HD announcement. Now that will turn some heads.
Philadelphia won't see any HD until Comcast is providing it or someone else get's rid of the comcast monopoly in this city. Believe me if Comcast does the Flyers, Sixers or Phillies we will surely have to pay more money to Brian Roberts and Comcast.
This is great. :D I cant wait untill the 2002 season to start, considering the Indians lost yesterday:mad:

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