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You really need to do more reading. This has been discussed in a thread here within the past few days.

Stick with the 2-point in HDR. You have to know the exact points used AND have a pattern generator that can generate them on the fly to do the multipoint. Since the points used change from year to year and model to model, and apparently also change if you move away from the stock contrast and brightness settings, it's nearly impossible for disks and pattern sets to have all the patterns needed for each model..

By the way, please do not cross-post the same question in multiple threads. It's considered poor forum etiquette.
Yes i done the 2pt no problem and i also downloaded the correct code hdr patterns for my tv from mehaniks patterns and still the code patterns dont correspond with my rgb adjustments it dont make sense also im using the patterns from a usb device plugged into my tv which i get the hdr signal to calibrate

I just really wish there was a simple way to calibrate hdr as easy as it is for sdr
881 - 881 of 881 Posts