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HDTV and PIP problem in Samsung DLP!

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Hi all,

I just got a Samsung 50" DLP, and had HD cable installed... using the component cables.

Now I just cant figure out how to make the PIP function work. In the PIP menu under 'source' , I get only 2 choices - 'TV' and 'VIDEO1'.

Only if I select channel 3 for TV/Video1 can I see anything in the PIP window. But I keep seeing the same cable channel I'm viewing (big) , in the PIP screen as well!

Has anybody had this issue?

I would appreciate any help..

thank you!
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i found the same to be true with my 43" sammy dlp. pretty dissapointing since i don't use those inputs. what i have found is that my cable box coax output is always active so if i run a standard coax cable to the antenna input, i can have a hd source in the big part and see the "cable" picture in the PIP window that is set to antenna. though you can't switch them, it is better than nothing.
You can also have your Cable Box do an additional output to Video one via S-Cable.

Then you can have PIP play back and forth between Ant and V1, swap, change size, evertything. You can do all but view two Cable box dependent stations at once. And if you only want to keep track of something small, you can do this while having the main screen DVI (but then you can't resize or swap.) It's in the manual, if you can take the time to decipher the bad writng and translation.
FYI, at least on my Pioneer 533 rptv, the PIP functions do not work with anything but a 480i signal. If you are feeding 1080i, 720p or 480p to any input it will not display on screen. If I want to use my split screen I can only do it with the analog station.
With digital cable (or with satellite) it is not possible to get the same flexibility with PIP that you get with analog cable (or OTA from an antenna) because you only have one digital tuner/decryptor (in your cable box). But with most (not all, hopefully yours is one of them) cable systems most or all the analog channels are not encrypted. So if you put a splitter in the cable before your cable box, run one cable to the cable box and the other to the TV (whichever input will accept analog cable signals) you can have your main channel (the one coming out of the cable box on the component video) in the main window and any of the analog channels in the other window. Better than nothing...
I have the 50" Sammy HLN507W. It will only accept antenna A, composite, or S-video input for the PIP window (no component or DVI). You will only see the ones that are actually hooked up when you try to change source. If you choose the antenna input (which it siounds like you did) then there is a separate set of channel up/down buttons for the PIP. If the antenna input is coming directly from the cable box, then it likely you will only get something on channel 3. Do as texasbrit suggested with a splitter, or add an OTA antenna. Just a pair of rabbit ears may be enough. The picture in the PIP window is so small, you don't need perfect reception to get a pretty good picture.

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