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HDTV as computer monitor

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There seems to be lots of discussion about using an HDTV as a computer monitor, but not alot of empirical data. I'd like to hear how people's setups work with this.

It sounds like best of the best is DVI from PC to HDTV - but that's expensive on both sides (vid cards & TVs) - not to mention the cables - or the video switcher needed to toggle DVD, HD Cable box, and PC. I'm sure that DVI looks great, but I'm more curious about whether some cheaper methods work decently enough.

Currently, I'm using S-video out from a Voodoo 3000 card on a PC, to a regular 32" analog TV, with a wireless surfboard (keyboard with built in mouse).

Graphics are fine for most applications, and text is usually fine. I plan to start by seeing how good old 800x600 looks on an HDTV, through S-vid. After all, I don't want the resolution too high, or I won't be able to read anything from the couch. But, if that dosen't look good, has anyone tried converting the VGA to components, and then into the HDTV? Can you get 16:9 that way?

If none of those methods work, and I have to get a new video card, but still don't want to splurge on an HDTV with DVI, has anyone found a vid card with component out? How's that look?

Thanks much.
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The new ATI Radeon 9500 and 9700 cards have a DVI to component input converter so that you can plug into 480i or 1080i.

I just ordered dvi to compoent converter ($29.99 US) from ati. I hear it's very good for the money,but can't speak to it yet?
Check out the Home Theater Computers forum for lots of info
PC to HDTV is difficult and complicated via DVI or VGA.

Do search and browse the Home Theater Computers section. There are so many references to this topic there. And so many opinions about what is best.

Search words that don't work: (PC or TV as search words will not work-since 2 letter words are prohibited from searches)

Search words that work well: computer and video and "vga to component" and also words like Nvidia, ATI, "Ti 4200" Geforce4, or "Geforce 4". also search yur tv model and brand for others reports who use it with their PC. That should get you some great information.

Good Luck,


Toshiba 42hdx82, GF4 Ti 4200
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Along with everything else, Plasma's and CRT based RPTVs can suffer image burn in if you leave a static image up too long. I would never use either of those display types for my PC desktop for this reason.
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