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HDTV dish network/direct tv questions

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I'm sorry if this has been answered before. I browsed through the posts and I could not find answers.

After waiting over 2 years for my cable company (Charter) to have HDTV available in my area and it not happening I'm ready to go the dish network or direct tv route. About every 3 months I called Charter about HDTV and they always say "soon...". Yeh, right. I live in Ripon WI (54971).

I have been looking at dish network and direct tv and have some questions. Voom is out of the question because of the initial outlay of $750 (my wife would never agree to it). I have spoken with both of the companies on the phone and have not gotten a satisfactory answer.

1. Is it correct that even if I can get local channels (ABC, NBC, CBS, etc.) through the satellite that they will not be in HDTV format? Is the only way that I can get the networks in HDTV format through an Antenna attached to satellite receiver?

2. I'm leaning towards Dish because of cost. The 811 seems unavailable now for about 4 - 6 weeks. Has anyone in here found a way of of getting dish and the 811 faster?

3. In Ripon I'm about 56 miles from Greenbay, 64 miles from Madison, and 68 miles from Milwaukee. Is it realistic to think that I can get a digital signal at these distances and what would an antenna run me? The CEA antenna page is saying that I will need a large directional antenna.

Any other insights?


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Question 1:

DTV and Dish do not (yet) offer locals in HD. You will need an external antenna (rabbit ears or outside) to receive locals in HD.

Question 2:

I'm a DTV subscriber; can't answer Dish 811 question

Question 3:

Your distance from the OTA stations is quite substantial. However a large outside antenna w/amp could do the trick. Just be sure to add an antenna rotator if the stations come from different locations (posted on the CEA website).
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1. Yes, the local stations would not be in HDTV over satellite. I think the exception to this is CBS, but there are some special restrictions to get it. Check here:

2. I went with Dish also because of cost (free). I went through a local retailer instead of Dish Network directly. My local retailer offers the same promotions that Dish does (free 811/301/301).

3. I think it's realistic, but it may require a large antenna and a tall mast. If you don't want to mess with trial/error, it might be best to hire a professional installer to do the job.
You can get national HD feeds, however, it is through BEV which is a canadian co. (you would actually be using a canadian sat with a dish 6000u STB). Initial outlay is ~$750 for the equipment, then you need to aim the dish at the correct bird.

Only other way is to do what was said. Remember large directional antennas can run upto 12' in length...this is not an easy endeavor, IMHO.
Thankyou for all the replies!

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