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Hello fellow AVSForum Friends:

I just wanted to post my thanks for all those who have solicited my services during my time of need (Cisco Layoff Participant). I will be in the Bay Area from 5/30-6/4, calibrating the following:

2-Sony 127x CRT Projectors

1-Sampo 32" HDTV Monitor

1-Proscan PS65000

1-Sony 53XBR300

2-Pioneer Elite x10 HDTVs

3-Toshiba 56X81/80 HDTVs

1-Mitsubishi 93703 73" HDTV

There is one or two others that are in the process of finalizing, but as you can see I will be making 2-3 calibrations everyday! (PowerBars will be my main menu item I think...)

I will personally thank all the customers with my best service and skill, but I wanted to thank the forum for your immediate interest in these services!

Thanks a Million AVSForum!

Jeff Bryngelson


Color Analyzer - Will Travel

--You deserve Image Perfection--
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