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For almost a year the local PBS station was the only game in the state (besides DirectTV) until they went from multicasting to going completely off the air. I emailed LPB in Baton Rouge and this is the "next day" responce....

We are in the process of upgrading the equipment in our control room so

that we can add to the HDTV Broadcasts. That will allow us to broadcast

our entire schedule in HDTV or SDTV and record HDTV shows for later

broadcast. We currently don't have this capability which has limited our

ability to offer a wide range of HDTV shows. Our chief engineer says

that everything should be in place in about a month, but it may take a

little longer. The Kids channel on multi-casting is just a pass through so it is PBS

airing the Teletubbies at 2AM in the morning. We will eventually have at

least three channels on our multicasting but the exact content of each

channel is still being formulated, but KIDS will be one, a channel with

educational programs will be another and public affairs will be featured

on another.
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