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Has anyone had any luck receiving OTA HDTV broadcasts in the Leesburg area? I am trying to narrow down which antenna to purchase. I would have to go with an attic install for the antenna. My cable run from the tuner to the antenna will be around 150-175ft.

Everyone says the terk products are crap so I am looking at the Winegard or Channel Master. I might even go with a Radio Shack antenna for convenience purposes.

Which one would be the best bang for the buck and still allow for an attic install? It looks like I am anywhere from 40-50 miles away from most towers.

Thanks in advance..Although I haven't posted before on this forum it is a wealth of knowledge for HDTV idiots like myself.

Here are my specs for channels available:

* yellow WFDC-DT 15 UNI Arlington VA Under Review 129°

* yellow WETA-DT 27 PBS Washington DC Now Live 138°

* yellow WFPT-DT 28 PBS Frederick MD May 1 2003 51°

* yellow WHUT-DT 33 PBS Washington DC May 1 2003 128°

* yellow WUSA-DT 34 CBS Washington DC Now Live 128°

* yellow WDCA-DT 35 UPN Washington DC Now Live 128°

* yellow WTTG-DT 36 FOX Washington DC Now Live 127°

* yellow WJLA-DT 39 ABC Washington DC Now Live 128°

* yellow WPXW-DT 43 PAX Manassas VA Now Live 166°

* yellow WRC-DT 48 NBC Washington DC Now Live 129°

* yellow WBDC-DT 51 WB Washington DC Jan 1 2003 128°

* green WNVC-DT 57 IND Fairfax VA May 1 2003 147°

lt green WJLA 7 ABC Washington DC 128°

lt green WUSA 9 CBS Washington DC 128°

* lt green WWPX-DT 12 PAX Martinsburg WV Now Live 319°

lt green WDCA 20 UPN Washington DC 127°

lt green WETA 26 PBS Washington DC 127°

* lt green WNVT-DT 30 IND Goldvein VA May 1 2003 182°

* lt green WJZ-DT 38 CBS Baltimore MD Now Live 84°

* lt green WMAR-DT 52 ABC Baltimore MD Now Live 84°

blue WRC 4 NBC Washington DC 129°

blue WTTG 5 FOX Washington DC 127°

blue WFDC 14 TFA Arlington VA 129°

* blue WVPY-DT 21 PBS Front Royal VA Now Live 265°

* blue WMPB-DT 29 PBS Baltimore MD Apr 1 2003 72°

blue WHUT 32 PBS Washington DC 127°

* blue WWPB-DT 44 PBS Hagerstown MD May 1 2003 337°

* blue WBFF-DT 46 FOX Baltimore MD Now Live 84°

blue WBDC 50 WB Washington DC 124°

* blue WHAG-DT 55 NBC Hagerstown MD Jan 13 2003 338°

blue WNVC 56 IND Fairfax VA 147°

* blue WBAL-DT 59 NBC Baltimore MD Now Live 84°

blue WFPT 62 PBS Frederick MD 51°

blue WPXW 66 PAX Manassas VA 166°

violet WMAR 2 ABC Baltimore MD 84°

violet WBAL 11 NBC Baltimore MD 84°

violet WJZ 13 CBS Baltimore MD 84°

violet WMPT 22 PBS Annapolis MD 110°

violet WUTB 24 UPN Baltimore MD 86°

violet WNVT 53 IND Goldvein VA 182°

violet WNUV 54 WB Baltimore MD 86°

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You're going to get this question eventually, so you might as well calibrate us:

Why are you restricted to an attic mount? At 40-50 miles, you need all the height you can get, plus the need to reduce path losses. If your location already has some elevation relative to Wash DC, you may be OK.

Also, the cable length you mention is very long. It's not insurmountable, but will add more signal loss (may need preamp).

I would be optimistic that an outdoor install of a CM, Winegard, or even R/S antenna would work. Attic mount, less sure.

Gerald C

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I know the HOA couldn't touch my antenna but I am having a hard enough time trying to convince my wife I NEED..yes need ;-) all of this stuff.

I don't think having an antenna on the house will go over well with her. My attic is fairly large so I am open to a decent size antenna. Before I go all out and buy the HDTV tuner I wanted to know if what I have is a feasbile opportunity to get HDTV programming.

Are there smaller less obtrusive antennas that might work well on a roof? I know everyone suggests Fairfax antenna so would not havine a probelm letting them do the install.



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I'm getting all D.C. stations, as well as Baltimore with very good results. I have a set-up in the attic as well, with a rotor and pre-amp. I just replaced a new CM4228 with the CM4248 and can't say I notice much difference between the two. The big difference though, with the CM4248 the analogs are terrible unless I rotate away from the stations. With the CM4228 I didn't have to do this. Not sure why. I started with the CM4228 first, because it gave me greater height and clearance for rotating between the rafters. If you want, I will be glad to sell it to you, its a very good antenna. Don't even think about a Terk.
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