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I'm an HDTV novice, so bear with me.

Okay, since many TVs are coming with built in TV guides, I was wondering if I would still need to keep my Time Warner digital cable box. Can I simply run the coaxial straight from the wall to the TV and still get all my HD channels? I guess I'm not sure if the digital cable box does something magic that my new TV can't do. I don't have a sound system right now, so that's not a problem. Just a plain TV and nothing else (well.. maybe a PS3 someday).

I'm going to get the Sony 46W4100, and since it has a built in TV guide, it got me thinking about all this. It would be nice if I only needed the 1 remote for the TV, and it would save me a little extra $$ per month if I didn't have to rent the cable box.

Oh and it would also save me money not having to buy an HDMI cable. But if I did need one, I would get one online.. not a Monster..

Thanks for the tips!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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