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HDTV Suggestions

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So I'm getting a from work next week, anbd would like to buy my 1st HDTV in the $1500 range, but I know nothing about HDTVs.I have no idea if I should get plasma, LCD, etc. If LCD is known to be better, then i'd like to find a good LCD in the $1500 range. vie versa for plasma. I am also looking for something no less than 32".

I don't want something that has a lot of features, but is a crap TV. So I'm trying to find a good balance of quality and price. Links to TV's that I can order online for delivery would be ideal since I doubt I can fit a giant TV box in my Accord Coupe.
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Originally Posted by trenken
this forum is full of tons of good info.

you should do some reading/searching... then ask more direct questions.

that is probably why no one has answered yet.

here is some info you should provide when you ask again:

- viewing distance

- level of control of light in room (are there big windows, etc)

- main uses (HD movies, SD cable, gaming, watching sports, etc?)

I'll tell you right now, your budget is pretty low, and delivery should not be an issue that you need to worry about with most stores.
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Well I can spend more if I really have to, but I was trying to avoid it. I just got a 5k bonus from work, but I have other things I need to get so I really don't want to blow half of that on a TV. I don't even watch TV that much outside of sports here and there. I play my XBOX 360 about 1-2 hours week tops and only watch a couple movies a month. So I am definitely not looking for top of the line considering the limited use it's going to get anyway.
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