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Hi ya folks,

Hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day holiday weekend.

Got a few new tips to share with you. Hope you find them useful.

* Panasonic Tips
  • TU-HDS20 STB software update
* Toshiba Tips
  • H80 glare screen removal by Louis Carliner
  • 56" convergence grid available again!
  • Downloadable grid files for 40" & 56" sets
  • Updated H80/X81 Designer spreadsheet
* Pioneer Tips
  • Elite backpanel removal by Mr Bob (Updated)
* Philips Tips
  • Remove magenta line due to Dish 6000
  • Turn set fan off when TV is off
* Sony Tips
  • XBR Review by Michael TLV
  • HS10 screen removal
* JVC Tips
  • Service Manual
* Calibrator Tips
  • from Louis Carliner

    - H80 glare screen removal

    - High Definition calibration
  • from Mr Bob

    - Elite backpanel removal (Updated)
  • from Michael TLV

    - Fix for Red/blue band on the screen
* Progressive DVD Players (folks have been asking for this)
  • What is a progressive player?
  • Progressive player shootout
  • Chroma Upsampling error
* Tosh X81 sets for Cheap!

  • Northeast/Wash DC Michael TLV tour feedback and ruminations
  • Houston/Dallas/East Texas Tour with Louis Carliner
  • North TX/Oklahoma Tour with Mr Bob
  • Geogia Tour with Michael TLV

Got more coming... just ran out of time.



Keohi HDTV

Your Friendly HDTV Tips Site

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