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hdtv tuner and NTCS 480p or better output with satellite tv

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I have Dish network, 522 DVR, and a plasma EDTV. I'm planning to watch HDTV, but I don't want to buy their 811 receiver and pay for their HD programming. This leaves me with the OTA channels.

However, I also want to upscale the NTCS interlaced signal (SD channels) from the dish DVR to 480p or higher.

I'm looking for a tuner/receiver that:

- can receive the OTA channels with a HDTV antenna or can receive local HDTV channels using the dish sattelite

- can receive NTCS input by S-video or coax from the 522 DVR box, and output 480p, 720p/i or 1080p/i?

The second item above I'm also considering a progressive DVD recorder such as the Lite-on, which can output 480p from a 480i input.

any ideas?

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Well I answered your question in the other post but with an ED TV, it can only natively display a 480p signal, if you feed it the 480i signal from your 522, it'll upconvert it to 480p, on the other hand, any 720p or 1080i signal you feed it will also be downconverted to 480p. You should still have a pretty nice picture on HD channels but your not viewing true HD at that point...
EDTVs do an excellent job of handling 480i since that is the primary function for which they are designed in fact they usually do a better job of converting the 480i that they input to their natvie 480p resolution then the STBs or DVD players that are feeding them.
NTSC is only capable of 480i. Any more advanced signal has to be in component or digital format, and therefore isn't NTSC. Not sure if that's what you're asking tho.

Fast351, he was trying to find a OTA ATSC tuner that would also upconvert the feed from his Dish 522 and he wanted to attach the 522 to the STB via RF or S-video...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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