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HDTV Tuner Card Advise Requested

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Overwhelmed. I am simply overwhelmed and can’t get traction on starting my HTPC adventure. I am really jazzed and can’t wait to get what I need but in reading and reading I am finding it difficult to get a handle on what is current and what is ancient.

I would like to build a HTPC which:

1. Tunes over the air HDTV, DTV and analog transmissions

2. Supports viewing of DivX and XviD content

3. Plays DVD’s.

Here’s what I have on hand:

Intel P3 850

Asus P3 Motherboard

GeForce 3 TI 500 (DVI output)

Sound Blaster Live (to be upgraded)

Older DVD player (to be upgraded)

512 MB RAM

20 Gig Hard Drive (or something even larger laying around)

Sony KV-40XBR800 (Native Resolution most similar to 1080i)

The only fixed variable in the equation is the 40XBR800. I could build an entirely new PC from the ground up but I understand I could also get started with as little as an HDTV tuner card.

I understand these are the best cards to choose from:



MyHD MDP-120 DVI Combo (Is this needed if I use a graphics card with DVI output)

FusionHD3 QAM-T PCI HDTV Tuner

ATI HDTV Wonder (I have read many negative comments about this card)

Which card should I choose?

I live in San Jose (zip 95118). I think I’m about 15 miles from the San Jose broadcast towers. I would also like to tune in San Francisco stations from time to time which is about 45 miles. I understand if I get something with too much gain the interference created will cause problems. What is the best rooftop HD antenna at this range?

Once I am able to tune HD what is the best available software to view and record?
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