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HDTV tuner card support component output

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Which HDTV tuner card support QAM and component output so i can put hd cable box on it?

please help me.

Thank you
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i guess no one knowa HDTV tuner that has component output or input.
There are none with component input. The best you'll be able to get is a card with S-video and most of them have that.

It's not the tuner card that would have the output, but the video card or MB (if integrated).
The mdp-130 does component, but you have to make a cable (db15 - component i think), and I believe they quit making them, and you have to use their pos interface.

You are better off using any capture card getting a newer nvidia card with the component dongle.


ps and the mdp-130 remote sucks

Originally Posted by paultom /forum/post/0

The mdp-130 does component,

out, but there are none that do component in.
is there anyway i can setup the cable box into tuner card so i can watch channel on Vista MCE?
The best bet I've found so far is to get an HD-SDI converter and a card with component capture.

AJA has the Xena series.

Decklink cards are cheaper however and I've come across a few people doing this. This is only for capturing video however, and audio would be separate, then sync'd after.

I actually posted a thread about this but seems most people aren't interested or are put off by the price (probably around 1500$... if I could get component capture working with an STB for approx 1000$ I'd go for it...).
I would also love to know if the Intensity Pro card is capable of capturing HD-Analog.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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