The results of the HDTVtest 2017 TV Shootout from England are in, and it's a sweep of all five winnable categories by OLED. The shootout recognized the best-performing 4K HDR TVs in five distinct categories, with the Panasonic EZ1002 OLED taking the top honor of "Best TV of 2017" by earning the highest total score in all categories. The Panasonic also earned first place in the "Best Home Theater" category.

Unfortunately, Panasonic's clearly exceptional EZ1002 OLED is not available to purchase stateside, but if there's one thing the shootout revealed, it's that in 2017 OLED itself is the real winner. Namely, three different OLEDs, from three different manufacturers, won at least one category in the contest. Unsurprisingly, there are rumors that Panasonic may sell the EZ1002 in the U.S., but currently that's all they are, rumors.

LG's B7 OLED won two categories, "Best HDR TV" and "Best Gaming TV" while Sony's A1E was chosen as the "Best Living Room TV." The two LCD TVs that participated, Samsung's Q9F and Sony's Z9D, did not win any awards. That's why this shootout was notable as a clean sweep for OLED.

Voting in the HDTVtest shootout—which was free to attend and hosted by HDTVtest's Vincent Teoh—was performed by attendees and took a wide variety of picture quality attributes into consideration. They voted on contrast performance, color accuracy, motion, video processing, uniformity, HDR, bright-room performance, and gaming.  Click here to read more details about the voting categories.

Panasonic's EZ1002 OLED wins the top prize in England's annual HDTVtest TV shootout. Photo by Panasonic.
Take a look at this video that Vincent Teoh made, explaining the scoring system and categories for the 2017 HDTVtest shootout: