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HDV exporting back to tape

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Canon HV10 (NTSC) is quite impressive

My question is: How does one edit (I mean merely cutting out the useless bits no other fancy stuff) the m2t's losslessly and exports them back to tape.

I find tape to be still the best storage media. The blue laser discs are still too costly at the moment.

What I have tried so far:

The m2t files captured by _HDVSplit_ do write back to tape nicely with _Ulead Media Studio Pro 8_ . It would be nice to be able to cut out bits from these files seamlessly and export back to tape without gaps.

_Womble Mpeg Wizard DVD_ does a good job cutting out unwanted bits with no re-encoding but... (what a shame)... the transport streams it generates really fast (with default settings) are not supported to be exported back to tape by _Ulead Media Studio Pro 8_.

_Premiere Pro 2_ wants to render ablsolutely everything (mostly completely pointless as no effects were applied) which takes ages and sometimes chokes when exporting back to tape.


Is there a way to convert womble transport streams or program streams from Ulead to m2t's file which are compatible with HDV?


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I have MSP8... and if you are seeing gaps as you edit out clips, then you are not using MSP properly. You can edit out parts and then move the sections together to form a seamless cut. Or you can use transisions over the cuts. MSP is not the best if you are going back to tape though... It captures the M2T as mpeg which of course has to be converted back to M2T again.

Womble isn't REALLY an editor and that's why it doesn't render. Almost all REAL NLE's that I know of will render.

I also have Avid Liquid 7 and Sony Vegas7+dvd. These are both professional grade NLE's and of the 2, I like Vegas better and it's better for going back to tape... it captures as M2T (does not convert to mpeg first)... but as with other NLE's... it will render.

Is there a way to convert womble transport streams or program streams from Ulead to m2t's file which are compatible with HDV?

Yes there is.... but it requires rendering
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Blackbill, thanks


Does any rendering (even if no effects are applied or no change in colors etc) mean loss of quality through recompression?

Ulead MSP8 and MovieFactory5 are able to capture HDV and (on the fly) convert it to a program stream mpg. Is there a program that is able to do the reverse on the fly?

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Mpeg is lossy and that's a fact of life... so is dv for that matter, and for this reason it's always BEST toavoid rendering altogether. But the losses involded with rendering (with a reputable program anyway) are so negligable you won't even see it.... unless you start talking RE-rendering... rendering the same thing over again and again will amount to rather large losses and distortions of the original video.

So I would not worry too much about having to render a project/clip... it's perfectly acceptable in the video industry. It's quite impossible to create a video from the cam that needs no editing at all... the pros do not even attempt this.

No NLE that I know of will do the reverse on the fly. Most if not all NLE's work in a non destructive fashion... They do not actually edit until you hit the render button. This way you can do things like include an UNDO button (which I will use heavily).

The norm for most NLE's is to supply an editor section....a place where you construct a set of instructions for the render engine on how and what exactly you wish to do. These instrutions can be undone and redone at will. Then the render engine actually carries out those instructions when you hit the render button, and they write a new file to disk. Then the capture section will take the file and write it back to your tape.

The best way to avoid as much loss as possible when editing is to find a program that allows you to edit in the NATIVE format of the cam (Vegas does M2T)..but an M2T is essencially a mpeg with the transport info stripped so you will not notice any kind of real loss with a program such as MSP8
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