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Help, I recently purchase HDX 1000 and am trying to get the unit to play 1080p (1920x1080) MKV files.

The HD is on attach External USB, the unit play fine if it is in a TS format, but I want subtitles on some of my foreign blu ray.

how have others been able to get the unit to play MKV files?

A bit more information of what application i am using for the MKV file.

TSMuser - to extract m2ts file and audio.

eac3to - to extract core from hd audio

mkvmerge - to merge the two result files into mkv.

the blu ray I have problem are Blue Thunder, and Ninth Gate.

I didn't make any other changes other than during mkvmerge while adding the video it complain that I didn't set fps, and if I didn't set it, it will default to 25 fps. I did make the change to 24000/1001.

I am using hdmi to tv and getting studdering video and no sound.


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