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I need to combine a channel three signal from a satellite receiver and a Cable modem signal into a single line, then split it back out on the other end, one to TV and the other to the cable modem itself.

The particulars:

home run is in the attic

TV and cable modem is in basement(fully finished).

only one run of coax RG-6 from attic to basement.

Satellite signal is fed back into the attic via RG-6 on channel three.

I have tried using a combiner, or a splitter with signal loss to the cable modem.

Would a diplexer work here, if so would I need one on either end(attic and basement)?

The cable company was using a regular splitter in the attic one side to the basement where they had another splitter then a filter on the TV output. The other side went directly into the cable modem. The other side in the attic had a filter on it that went into yet another splitter that fed the rest of the rooms for basic cable.

I fed the attic with two new RG6 cables from a satellite dish then diplexed the signal to two rooms, that allowed the output from the receivers to get back up to the attic.

Some one has to have run into this before, I have tried many installers with no luck, any information would be appreciated.


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