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Headphone Amp Processor?

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I am going to be without a Preamp / Processor for awhile. I have a DirectTV Genie system that was both Coax and Toslink Digital outs and RCA outs.

I am currently going out to the TV via HDMI. For headphones, I have a pair of Grado RS-1's.

I want to watch TV but use headphones so I don't wake my wife up. I would also like to listen to the movie in 5.1 or some sort of simulated surround if possible. Are people using some sort of external amps and DAC's to do this? If so, what combo? I want to watch movies in high quality sound.
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Good choice at Crutchfield of different price ranges. Also very good selection of headphone amps from inexpensive to high dollar at Audio Advisor. Both are excellent vendors.

Are there any products to create the surround affect? On my laptop, I plug my headphones in and use Razer software. What is equivalent in a separate unit?
There are some surround sound headphones from Sony. I've never used them but have read some reviews that are mostly positive. Check over in the speaker forum.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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