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I am looking for wireless headphones for my dad for TV use only. He will not be using it for music, only for television.
He is extremely hard of hearing.

Cheaper the better as long as it will work for his needs.

He does not need something with a lot of bass because it makes it harder to hear the talking.

Needs to have clear crisp sound though.

What is or is there any difference between "TV" headphones and regular stereo headphones. He went to Best Buy and he said these 2 were the only ones for the TV. One of them was the Sony MDRRF985RK.

Is there any headphones with separate bass and treble controls, separate left right volume adjustments, frequency adjustment etc.

Anyone know if any headphones has one or more of the features above?

Any other ideas to get standard headphone like the Sony MDRRF985RK model to sound more clear?

Any other cheap way to add a preamp or some sort of EQ/ FREQ adjustment inline without spending hundreds or thousands of dollars for a receiver and or other big AV equipment?.

Right now he does not have any analog speaker outputs or headphone jack on his TV. All his TV has is a digital audio out. So I had him buy a digital audio cable and a digital to analog converter so he can hook up those Sony MDRRF985RK headphones that he does not like.

Any suggestions out there?

Thanks for your help.
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