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I have a 'man cave' that is 36ft by 24ft -- That as our family are musicians (on the side) we also have a drumkit(set) , guitars, amps, etc in the room which the audio equipment added was half added to give a good high decibel, clean, sound to be able to play along with, with such loud instruments.

The setup is roughly as:

Pioneer Plasma TV

Pioneer VSX-822-K receiver (140wattx5)

LG Blu-ray




Computer run to the whole system via 40ft HDMI across the room.

The speaker setup in the room is:

Klipsch Synergy F-30 150Watt RMS towers as the front Right and Left.

Klipsch KC-25 Icon 100watt RMS Center

and a Klipsch 10Inch self powered Sub.

These speakers and setup sound phenomenal, and do quite well with the instruments.

Though I'm still missing one component.

Headphones for the drummer, several of us play.

With the amp up at about 60, it is pushing immense sound/volume and goes well with all the instruments at 90+ Db's (ballpark) -- But the drummer, being behind a drumkit,.. gets blocked from alot of the sound due to the nature of the sounds produced from the drumkit itself (you can't turn down the volume
) -- And this causes , with newer songs, having to stop and listen for a moment to hear what is going on at times.

So I would like some sort of headphone solution , run from the Pioneer Receiver,.. that allows me to get a clear constant stream of what music we are playing in the background (IE: A CD, Spotify, or any other song/audio) -- So I can stay in synch with the pre-recorded music,.. but at the same time not overshadow and drown out the ambient noise from the other instruments and speakers in the room.

Is there a headphone setup that might fit this? Something like a single ear headphone ? Or a set of headphones designed to flip one headphone ear up, so you can have one going in an ear, and one ear "free" for the ambient music/noise in the room?

I've even thought about the monitor earpieces used for bands on stage that are wireless that go in one (or both) ears --

I've just heard bad things about wireless.. but if a wireless solution would work for this application I'm all ears.. (no pun intended).

Just looking for direction on this.

Thanks for ideas,
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